Dear coaches and dancers,

Here is the first version of one day schedule. The work on this schedule has started one week later as you know because of the hacker attack on the registration system. The week is still missing. Because many of you need to confirm the accommodation, we publish this first version. We hope that you will appreciate it. Based on the previous year experience, you will check if everything is ok and if there is some mistake by accident you will let us know. Watch carefully the possible corrections which can appear. The schedule is being prepared manually, there is 580  disciplines which needed to be divided into seven days, two dance halls and sometimes even into three dance floors. We will still continue in merging disciplines, because there is a possibility, that we haven´t done all of it. The possible suggestions for merging disciplines can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Now we continue working on the morning, afternoon and evening block schedule and those will be published by the 10th November. And the preliminary one day schedule will be published one week before each day of the competition. Very important announcement, the competition is original in the amount of participants so when one school cancel performance because of illness the schedule will slightly change and the updated version will be published.

PDF version, MS excel version

Next update 9.11.2018 10:00