About the event

Dear coaches, dear dancers,

We would like to invite you, your clubs and dancers to the World Dance Championship 2021, which will take place  at the Babylon Center in Liberec from 8th to 12th of December 2021.

All dance groups, couples and individuals are invated to participate at the event.

This year it is number 12 of this unique world competition at the Babylon Center in Liberec. Throughout the dance meetings, the Babylon Center became a dance festival for dancers from more than 30 countries around the world. We believe that even this year we welcome participants from many coutries of Europe and Asia. Up to 530 disciplines will be represented - all in one competition. See more about the disciplines here.

This is a competition where the technique goes "hand in hand" with  the artistic value of the performance. Thanks to the professional jury evaluation system, the scoring is fair and the role of influencing one juror is excluded.

We guarantee high prestige of our international judges team who are professionals of various organizations and styles, VIP judges, prominent personalities and holders of the titles of European and World Champion.

The event is traditionally accompanied by a friendly atmosphere with the slogan: "Everyone is a fan of everyone".

The large dance scene allows various disciplines to dance to the organizer's music on up to three dance floors at once. There is a professional sound and light system and LED TV. All this is a matter of course for our care for dancers to create a unique atmosphere of the competition.

Unique medals are prepared for all dancers at the first three places, cups (trophies) for winners in team categories and diplomas for all finalists.

The announcer of the competition is the Czech Dance Association WADF - ČAT, a professional member of the World Artistic Dance Federation.



Organizer: ILMA z. s. a Fit lifestyle, z. s., represented by Mgr. Ilona Šulcová

Competition leader: Marian Šulc

Competition directore: Mgr. Ilona Šulcová

Deputy directore: Ing. František Vodvářka 

Chairman of the judge: Marian Šulc

Head of scrutineer teaml: Ing. Ondřej Švik

Sound production: ILMA agency, s. r. o.

Floormaster: Nikol Hanzlová



An international judges are holders of the WADF, WDC, SUT licences and members of other international dance associations.