The World Dance Championship 2022 at the Babylon Center, Liberec is held according to WADF international rules.
See open disciplines for this year.

For all disciplines, it should be emphasized that the word "Artistic" in the name of the individual disciplines means "artistic" and this criterion (artistic value) is built on the same level as the technical value. For each discipline, the jury evaluates both criteria! Not only figures known from the sports concept dance, but own variations and new figures are also possible. In a couple standard dances, open holds are preferred as they are used in the American Smooth style. In solo dance, the movement of the hands and the position of the body depicting the dancing figures are highly valued - it is not a simulation of a dance posture in a pair - dancing with an imaginary partner. See the instructional (sample) videos at http://www.worldartdance.com/about-wadf/our-disciplines/
Disciplines are danced according to frequency as:

-        Solo

-        Dua a couples

-        Trios

-        Small team up to 8 dancers

-       Large team up to 16 dancers

-        Showcase 17 + dancers 


How to dance diferent disciplines: 

Always during the 1st round and in the final (applies to solos, duos, couples to the organizer's music), the first half minute (large group) is danced first, then the dancers are divided into smaller groups and they dance again for 1 minute and finally together for half a minute. Meaning each dancer will perform 3 times infront of the judges in a given round.
In the next rounds and in the semifinals, the first half a minute is canceled. So each dancer will perform 2 times infront of the judges.
Disciplines where the dancers (or groups) dance to their own music in the order given by the assigned start number.
After the first  performance in a given round, the dancers always line up behind the back of the dance  floor next to each other according to the starting numbers, where they remain until their last performance.
The rotation on the floor and the division into groups is controlled by Floormaster and his assistant(s) so that the rules are complied with and none of the dancers misses their performance.

We look forward to seeing you soon in Liberec with a motto: "FREEDOM FOR DANCE"!