About the event

Dear dancers, dear coaches,

Please see an enclosure with the listed disciplines for the World Dance Show 2020. The event will také place in the Babylon Center, Liberec.

If you do not find discipline in which you prepared the choreography for this season in the list, please contact the organizer at the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be happy to comply with your request.

The registration will take place in a different registration area than usual. In case of any questions or complications, please contact us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Dividing into double days, as we have been used to in the past, is unfortunately not possible. At the moment, we don´t know what disciplines you will be interested in. Therefore they will wait for days division until after the deadline, which will be 10. 11. 2020.
Until then we would suggest you book 4 days around the weekend - 4. – 7. 12. 2020.

For your information this is our pre-plan:

Formations - during Saturday and Sunday,
Duos and small teams - Friday and Monday.

We are ready to organize the event in early December. We believe in easing crisis measures. In case the borders of the Czech Republic will be closed, we have already prepared a specific January date: 22. – 25. January 2021.

We would very much appreciate your non-binding information on whether you are planning to come to Babylon in this year, or which disciplines you would like to participate in.

Your answer will help us a lot so that we can start preparing the competition according to the new conditions. Please understand, it is a new, non-standard situation for everyone in all aspects.

As you may have noticed, we are also changing the title of the competition. The WADF Presidium has decided not to announce any titular competitions until the end of 2020 (applies to all, not only Liberec). However, according to WADF President N. Carlson, Babylon has his support for any other title.

Please see the enclosure where you will find detailed information for the competition.

Managing team
Organizer: ILMA z.s., and Fit Livestylez.s. represented by Mgr. Ilona Šulcová
Headofthecometetiton: Marian Šulc
Director: Mgr. Ilona Šulcová
Asistent ofthedirector: Ing. František Vodvářka
Chairman: Marian Šulc
Mainscrutineer: Ing. Ondřej Švik
Soundsystem: ILMA Agency s.r.o.
Floormaster: Bc. Jiří Potůček


Thejudges panelincludesinternationaljurorslicensed by WADF, WDC, SUT and otherinternationaldanceassociations as well as VIP judges.


Start fee

1 dancer / 1 discipline                       10 €
1 dancer / 2 disciplines                     20 €
1 dancer / 3 disciplines                     30 € 
1 dancer / 4 disciplined                     40 € 
1 dancer / 5 disciplines                     50 €
1 dancer  / 6 – 10 disciplines 60 €
1 dancer / 11+ disciplines      70 € (maximum fee)

Youcanpaytheentryfee in advance to theorganizer'saccountoronlyatthecompetitionvenue. Theadvantageofpayment in advanceisthe "barrier-free" serviceuponregistrationatthecompetitionsite and theprepared "INFO BAGS".

Account No (payment in EUR): 126 261 6379/0800 

We are all preparing for the competition in Babylon with a love for dancing!

We wish all of you good health!